How to Support a Loved One in Jail

Jail is a four-letter dirty word to anyone who’s seen the inside of a cell before. It isn’t a place that anyone wants to spend any time, yet if you’ve committed a crime or at least have been convicted of such, it’s where you may find yourself. When such a scenario takes place to someone that you love, it is important to support them in their time of need.

It’s scary to go to jail and scary to be without the things that you normally have, like a telephone and access to family and real food. There are many ways that you can support a loved one who is locked up. Some of the ideas include:

·    Commissary: You can send money to inmate in county jail to be used for items on the commissary list. There’s an assortment of items on the list, including snacks, drinks, foods, hygiene products, entertainment products, and more.

send money to inmate in county jail

·    Telephone Calls: A telephone call means the world to an inmate who is in jail. Make sure you keep them filled in on the news of the real world and put money on their telephone account so you can talk to them.

·    Go to Court: When a loved one must go to court to appear before a judge, it is scary because so much is on the line. Make sure that you are there to offer your support on this day. It will mean a lot to this person to know that you cared enough to make an appearance in court.

There are several ways to show support to a loved one who is incarcerated. The ideas above are amongst the many. Be sure to have your loved ones back during this very difficult time in their life!

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